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Triple Omega Super Seed Mix | Chia Flax & Sesame

Our unique flavorful blend combines the goodness of Chia, Flax, and Sesame Seeds. These ancient seeds are cultivated in different regions of the world and have been consumed across civilizations for their extraordinary health properties. This super seed mix is a major vegan source of Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids making it great for heart health. It contains high amounts of fiber, plant-based high-quality proteins, vital minerals, and vitamins that promote body metabolism as well as help maintain a healthy balanced diet.
  • 100% Natural Chia, Flax & Sesame Seeds Supermix - Omega-3 & Calcium Rich Super seeds

  • Over 6g Omega & 18%+ 7.5 grams Dietary Fiber & 6 grams Protein Per Ounce. Consume 1-1.5 tablespoons of seeds twice per day (1oz Daily)

  • Excellent for heart health - Contains High-quality plant-based proteins, vital minerals, and essential vitamins that promote metabolism & a healthy balanced diet

  • 1.375lbs (22oz) & 2.75lb (44oz) Jars - Good to make 22 - 44 servings - Supplement with Yogurt, Smoothies, Salads, Shakes, or Eggs. Use ground flour of this mix with batter for baking.

  • GMO-FREE, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, BPA FREE - Sold in Sealed Food grade gourmet Pet plastic jars.


Directions to use:

This product has a natural nutty flavor and can be consumed in either raw seed or ground version. It can be added to salads, yogurt, eggs & smoothies, or baked with bread batter.


We suggest consuming 1 tbsp of this mix two times per day (1oz daily) for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Ingredients: Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds & Sesame Seeds. This product has been packed in a facility that processed nuts/soy. For any specific health conditions, we recommend consulting your physician before consuming this item.