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Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee | Medium Roast

Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

With all-natural flavors and a medium-light roast, this Organic Ethiopian Sidamo coffee is smooth, satisfying, & delicious. So, if you’ve been craving coffee with delectable hints of caramel, milk chocolate, and fruity top notes, it’s the perfect go-to!

Carefully cultivated by smallholder farmers in the Sidama zone of Ethiopia, this premium coffee is like nothing else on the market. Grown at an altitude of 1700-1900 M, this hardy blend is perfectly balanced, rich, and absolutely unforgettable. 

Lastly, this bean is harvested at the peak of perfection, dried, and sorted by hand. As such, this delicious coffee blend has an authentic flavor that can't be duplicated anywhere else! We sell the Best Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee online! Comes in an air-tight 12oz bag, for guaranteed freshness! 

Made in the USA. Ships Next Day.