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Brazilian Coffee Beans

Brazilian Coffee Beans

With decadent flavors and a signature roast of Brazilian Coffee beans, this medium-dark roast is an amazing option for selective coffee lovers. In every smooth cup, you’ll detect naturally sweet and nutty undertones, rich cocoa mid notes, and light fruity top notes for an elegant and indulgently uncompromising flavor profile. 

The coffee beans used in this blend are cultivated in the Parana and Sao Paulo Brazil regions at an altitude of 750-1050 M by local Fazenda Santa Barbara, Sao Francisco, and Santo Antonio farmers. They’re then harvested at the peak of perfection before being washed, pulped, and dried in the sun to preserve their natural flavors, oils, and nutrients. 


Grown in South America, Roasted in the United States. Order your supply of Brazilian Coffee Beans today while supplies last.